Mind over Manor was born in 2014 and founded by Hayley who decided opening a psychical retail store in the quaint village of Camden NSW would be refreshing & exciting for the region.

The quality & variety of the homeware & lifestyle pieces that adorned the Mind over Manor store was a refreshing change to Camden & surrounds and the store quickly became award winning & popular amongst those near & far.

Hayley made the decision to close the physical doors of her beloved Mind over Manor, and now offers a beautifully curated selection of new and vintage offerings, that have been treasured by many since Mind over Manor first opened. You will also find Hayley creative directing & styling photoshoots, freelancing styling & merchandising for retailers & interior designers. 

Hayley’s career prior to opening her long term dream, Mind over Manor, was held with an international property developer in Sydney CBD, where she worked on Sydney’s luxury developments for over 8 years, moving through property management, sales & operational roles.

Hayley also owns & operates several businesses besides Mind over Manor, a communications business and most recently sold a bustling cafe set in a historic Southern Highlands building.